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The Lonely Product In My Makeup Drawer

Lots of respect goes out to a cosmetics company that puts out some stellar products, that are cannot-live-withouts for many of us. I got a question recently regarding some of Benefit's products. As much as I adore alot of them (i.e. Dandelion blush, Boi-ing concealer, High Beam highlighter etc.), I cannot seem to use up this tiny nail polish bottle of cheek and lip stain.

This product was originally made to give a rosy stain to nipples. It is recommended for use on our cheeks and lips as well for a natural tint. The tint itself smells like rose water and is supposed to be water and kiss-proof. However, my trouble with it is that it interferes with the makeup I am wearing underneath it. I also find the method of applying a watery liquid with a nail polish applicator messy and weird.

Every time I look into the "cheek products" section of my makeup drawer, this one sits there staring up back at me, neglected and alone.

Tell me, do you use and like cheek/lip stains? Or do you prefer them in powders, creams or gels?

Credits: Grayburn, benefitcosmetics.com

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La Belette Rouge said...

I have never-ever-ever tried anything from Benefit. What do you think their best product ever is?

Grayburn said...

Hi la belette rouge :)

Right off the top, I would say it is their Dandelion blush. It does different things for all different types of skin color but I have yet seen it look chalky or unflattering on anyone. It's an easy to use product with good blendability. Although the paper packaging may not be for everyone!

If you get a chance to try it, please share with us what you think?


The Seeker said...

I prefere it in creams.


Anonymous said...

Powder for me because they are blendable.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i've never bought any cheek stains because of the reasons you stated - it just seems too tricky for me to bother with.

i know a lot of people say the effect is more natural but i think cream blushes give a natural effect too with less effort than these liquid stains.

Grayburn said...

Hi seeker!
Yes creams are great for that natural look and for dryer skins. I've got one from Bloom cosmetics which smells like lavender and it's divine to put on and the lavender is in there in help balance my skin!

Hi A,
Which powder blush is your favorite? My all time favorite powder blush would have to be the duo color one from The Body Shop. I'm also really getting into mineral blushes because of their staying power.

Hi blu3 :)
I remember using cheek stains when I was 12 (from Bonne Bell!). I think it would be better if it's in a gel but liquid...nah not good in my opinion! Have you tried the Nars multiples though? They are really the best!