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Seriously Fun

(Fill in the blank!)

Sometimes it's really important to have
fun and to not be so serious about everything that we do. And why shouldn't this apply to cosmetics and skincare? After all, lightening up a little is good for our spirit which undoubtedly should lead to looking better right? I know whenever I'm happy that it shows on my skin. That natural glow that we get when we're happy is unbeatable; as opposed to the glow faked by Stila highlighters.

I try to make sure that I travel at least once every 3 months because I am addicted to making new discoveries. Traveling is so good for my soul and it keeps me feeling inspired. It is the thing I do that makes me glow. So I recently took a trip to the UK to do some shopping and to relax a bit. Armed with my list of places and brands to see, I was ready to experience real life shopping (rather than online). One of the brands on my list to check was Soap & Glory.

Soap & Glory is a company based in the UK. What I am especially fond of, is their packaging (they are fun and full of clichés), and the price of their products. They have a lipgloss called "Sexy Mother Pucker" and it retails in the UK for £8.00! I had alot of fun looking through all the bottles and just couldn't resist getting my own "Wash Almighty Detox Spa Gel". As soon as I have given it plenty of use, I'll share a review with you.

Credits: Grayburn, soapandglorycosmetics.com

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La Belette Rouge said...

Grayburn: I have heard mixed reviews about Sexy Mother Pucker. one commenter loved the stuff. The other one said that the stuff left her lips burning. I am a sensitive skin gal, so I am afraid to try it. Have you tried it yet?

Grayburn said...

Hi la belette rouge!

I haven't tried their lipgloss because i personally don't like anything that stings. I do love their fun company concept though. The best glosses for me personally are ones from Chanel (glossimer) and MAC (lipglass). I'm also about to write a review on a new lipgloss discovery which is becoming an obsession of mine!

Take care,

The Seeker said...

Well, it seems that their strategy is centred in the packaging and off course de funny clichés.
really funny.
Well, My skin is acusing my stress... I think... because suddenly it starts to pop some pink points on my face...
I hope this will disappear soon.

Thanks for understanding me about "the little things", sometimes it seems that we forget them...


Anonymous said...

You can buy these at Target now :)