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The South Eye Shadow Palette - Zara Cosmetics

Zara to many is a fine place to purchase clothes. Both for the basic pieces, as well as a few pieces to update their wardrobe. Zara is such a great place to shop because they have unbeatable prices for some very decent quality clothing.

You may have also noticed that they have branched out to other fields such as fragrance, accessories, home decoration, and yes, cosmetics! The concept of their makeup line reminds me of Nars' cosmetics. Zara uses the minimalist black packaging just like Nars' (although Nars' containers have a rubbery-matte feel). Zara's color choices, compared to Nars', are similarly fun and fashion-forward. The Zara cosmetics collection even include a product that is reminiscent of Nars' "The Multiples" (one of Nars' best selling items). At about a-third the price of Nars', it may be pretty difficult to resist for those of us looking for a less expensive alternative. The bottom line however, is that Zara's cosmetics though stylish and fun, leave little to be desired in terms of its quality and textures. Choose according to your pocketbook of course, but Nars is just superior. But if you're looking for something equally fun and in the same price-range as Zara, check out H&M or Wet n' Wild.

Credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

I'll have to look for it when I'll go to Lisbon, seems nice.
Well, for whom doesn't makeup I'm starting to be very curiouse about cosmetics.


Grayburn said...

I remember the Zara in Lisbon..it's a really fun location!

It's really good to hear that! Please share with us!