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Versace's got it
bang on this time! The idea that we can always spend hours getting ready for cocktails or a fine night out is overly ambitious. Their new ad campaign featuring the sultry Gisele is one that is different from their previous concept.

I find myself really relating to these ads because I often feel quite short of time. Just because I don't have enough time doesn't mean that I should sacrifice looking my best. The look shown here, as well as many others in the campaign, look effortless. The dresses seem to be made of material that stands well against wrinkling (see how Gisele is pulling it out of the bag and just slipping it on!). The finished look is sexy with sophistication. It's a no-brainer at all!

Oh my gosh, look at these uber sexy heels=killer calves!

This season we're still seeing large bags. However, the key now is buttery leather and pillowy soft shapes. This nude-tone one, also from Versace, is the best one I've seen so far.

Credits: versace.com

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La Belette Rouge said...

You've got me seeing green!!!!That green bag is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that jewel green is stunning!!!!


The Seeker said...

I love that green bag!! And the shoes... I really love it all.

I want them!!!


Grayburn said...

Hello ladies :)

It seems that all sorts of colors are having a major come back (look at all your reactions to this green!). Have you all seen the colorful blocks and flowers everywhere in fashion lately? I think I will have to keep my makeup clean for all these trends!