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Fresh New Face - Agyness Deyn

I know that Writing about fashion models isn't my usual thing as I enjoy writing about comsetics and fashion alot more. But someone really has caugh my eye lately.

In my years of flipping through fashion magazines, I have seen so many models come and go. The ones who stay around long enough will usually be accredited with the status of "Supermodel", which is probably the ultimate compliment for a model. Iman, Cindy, Linda, Naomi and Kate are some of the ones we think of when we think of Supermodels.

Getting back to what I was saying earlier, recently a new face has caught my eye. Her name is Agyness Deyn. Her tom-boy crop and the confidence in her eyes is astoundingly fresh! I tripped over her name because I was really thrown off by its spelling. I tried to pronounce it with my off British accent (she is from the UK) and oddly it didn't sound as strange to me anymore!

This girl has gotten everyone in the fashion business talking about her. She was recently seen as the guest DJ at the Six Six Sick's Happy Ending party (for fashion week) in New York. Mulberry has even named one of their bags after her! How I wish to follow her around for a day to see what exciting things and trouble she would get into!

Credits: Grayburn, Jezebel.com, stylehive.com.

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the Muse said...

Agyness Deyn has caught my eye as well as of late. I must say that she has an edge about her that's refreshingly different! I really liked some of the images I've seen of her thus far!

I'm looking forward to seeing her more of her.

It's rather rare that I take notice of models as of late as it's quite the same o' same o' at times. But she does mostly definately have some flare that's most appealing to the eye.

The Seeker said...

She's really pretty, I didn't know it was her when I picked the photo for the hairstyle.


Grayburn said...

Hey Muse!
I love that twinkle in her eye; something untamed about it. I'm even contemplating cutting my hair (which is in my mid-back right now!) because of her!

Grayburn said...

Hello lovely Seeker :)
haha yeah that's true! Her picture was one of yours during your decision for a haircut.

Let's keep an eye on this girl here!

luv, Grayburn