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Brand Spotlight - Alqvimia

It's been a while since I have talked about what has to be my favorite brand period. I have been known to be pretty obsessed when it comes to skincare. I often search high and low for the next best thing and will basically try anything available on the market. My experience from having tested so many brands and products has taught me that the hype surrounding many products is really just hype. The initial high from trying a newly hyped product wears off pretty quickly, as soon as I realize that it does nothing more than what a regular moisturizer does. But the next day, I begin my search all over again as I pick myself up from the disappointment.

As someone who is constantly testing products, I have come to accumulate a team of products that are staples in my beauty cabinet. Those are the ones I reach for to heal irritations caused by a badly formulated product. They are the ones that give me the comfort in knowing that my skin will not react badly to them.

I looked at that stash of staples the other day and realized that many of the product in there are from Alqvimia! Now some of you may have read my previous raves about Alqvimia (click to read). This is not where it ends. During the next couple of days, I will be sharing with you my personal experience about many of these products. Since each one of them deserve its own spotlight, be sure not to miss out as I give you an exquisite look at Alqvimia.

Picture: Alqvimia.com

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The Seeker said...

I admire your love for these products and the way you search things. It's almost science.
Keep the good work, we've a lot to learn from you.