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Mineral Makeup Special

Photo: the weekend bag from Chanel

Hello! Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those of you who drop by to visit my blog. I am so glad that we have an interest in common and that you are not shy to tell me about it as well!

I want you to know ahead of time that I will be doing a series on mineral makeup in the coming weeks. I have been hiding this one for a while because I wanted to gather information, try out many many products and finally share my successes and failures with you. As someone who is equally skeptical and faithful in the idea of 'natural products', I hope to share my findings and personal experiences with you. The details of the ups and downs will not be edited out.

I hope you will be here to join me! Have a wonderful weekend!


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The Seeker said...

wow, you can count on me!
I'll be here to lear what you've to tell us.
you're such a brave girl for trying all those produts...
I've already booked my trip to Lisbon, I'll start March 17, so I'll cary with me a list of produts to search :)
I know you'll help me on this.