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Joline Jolink at the AIFW 2008 - MAKEUP

The Joline Jolink runway show had so many fantabulous looks and ideas. Each one of them really deserve its own spotlight. The show in general was immaculately presented. I have really come to appreciate Jolink's distinctive eye for the collection as a whole, as well as the attention she pays to the finer details.

During this show, I had the chance to work with a good friend of mine, S. Baldi who has an excellent eye for photography. Special thanks to her for her efforts, support and I hold her responsible for the Jolink fashion photos!

Makeup Looks:

The makeup looks were sponsored by Lancome. This book held about 20 makeup looks that the makeup artist and the clothing designer had put together for their particular show.

The makeup artist described the look for the Joline Jolink show as "sandy".

Dark-rimmed eyes smudged slightly outwards. Air-brushed skin and a pale lip to match. All the models looked as if they had a film of nude hosiery over their skin.

The lip color was intensified slightly with orange when the outfit called for a stronger color as such.

Hair was combed back and left loose with curls at the back. A modern twist on the headband look.

1st photo- www.360fashion.net
next 3 photos- S. Baldi

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