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N Collection by MAC- Make a Statement in the Nude!

MAC's N Collection coming out soon, is one not to be missed. This collection is made for those who love nude tones because it is one that is completely stripped of the expected vibrancies of MAC. It is about polished finishes. There are no loud colors; yet MAC manages to make a statement with it.

Designers on the Spring runway such as Proenza Shouler, Luella Barley and Dolce & Gabbana (all pictured above), all rocked the bare look for makeup.

MAC has also come out with what's called Charged Waters with this collection. The interesting one is the Revitalizing Energy version because it is said to be infused with the vital ions of diamond. It promises a glowingly-quenched complexion!

Featured in the N Collection-The #187 Brush. Read My Review of it Here.

MAC & Fafi's Collaboration

pictures from maccosmetics.com & elle.com

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