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AIFW - Designers Kick off in the Red Light District

This is one of the many events that kicked-off the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW). I spent a wet but rewarding Saturday afternoon admiring the window displays in Amsterdam's Red Light District. In place of the red lights that normally shine on these windows were more flattering white spot lights.

A handful of designers strutted their talents and made their work accessible to the public.

Roswitha Van Rijn

Daryl Van Wouw


Mada Van Gaans

Jan Taminiau

Bas Kosters

Throughout this week I will be bringing more news from the runway shows at AIFW where I look forward to seeing the designs and the makeup/hair trends. I expect to see alot of flowy-soft fabrics for women (lots of dresses) in the many colors of spring.

Credits: Grayburn

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Anonymous said...

I like the colorful top from Bas Kosters. Can't wait to see all the news on the catwalks!

Grayburn said...

That top has such wonderful colors which I do love as well! Oh tell me about it, I'm so excited right now!

Please drop back later to check for AIFW updates!


The Seeker said...

very nice pictures, thank you to show them.


the Muse said...


beautiful! stunning!

The red light district never looked so good as with couture graces it's windows ;)

Those dresses are amazing!

Can't wait to hear more about AIFW! Our fashion week kicks off soon too!

Grayburn said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies :) All the outfits and gowns hung in these windows right next to the infamous red windows was really a sight to see! There were also some commotion when some photographers were irritating the ladies in the windows.

Do drop by soon for more on AIFW...I promise to bring more pictures of clothes and makeup.