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Red Lips - A Pop of Color

Red lips have been a symbol of seduction and of a confident woman since the movie sirens of earlier days. Women everywhere fear the crimson shade as it draws attention to the person wearing it like no other. There is also the difficulty of choosing the right red, as the wrong one makes teeth look yellow or the skin sallow.

I came across these two (pictured below) at The Body Shop at Kalverstraat the other day. They are packaged in sleek silver and are called Sheer Lip Shine. I found the two colors especially appealing as they are universally flattering and deposit just the right amount of color to do a stained-lips look (less high-maintenance than regular lipsticks). They also provide an attractive shine that is subdued and delicate. The color is buildable so if you want something a little more intense, you can definitely layer these.

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The Seeker said...

Lipstick is the only make up I use on a daily basis.
But I'm a bite afraid of red, which is something strange, because I do like colours, or maybe because of that, I think it will pop my lips and contradict the colours of the outfits, so I use light shades.

Grayburn said...

It is a good idea to pair neutral shades with bright colors and you certainly is on trend this season (according to the magazines!). Designers seem to be doing pops of color in surprising places. I'm really loving this idea and looking forward to coming clean wearing all black!