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The Smell of Sunny Days

Winter days are long here in the Netherlands so I simply cannot wait until the return of warmer weather. I pulled out this one the other day because my hair was getting dry from having the radiator on all the time. I also had the urge to bring the smell of summer back.

This Tui Hair Oil from Carol's Daughter is made from a base of corn oil. It is scented with guava, mango and passionfruit which reminds me of vacationing in Southeast Asia. The oil is a little heavy for my hair type so I only use it very sparingly on the ends.

Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Care Line

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The Seeker said...

Well, winter is here for stay a while, and we don't have your temperatures, yours are much lowers, but we have lots of rain, that makes our hair creased.
I've a short hair, but I'm always complaning about it.
So a good smell of summer feels nice.

Grayburn said...

Hi seeker,

Oh but that probably means most of you have good skin where you live because of the rain!