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My Week with Sofina (the cleansing oil)

If you have followed my struggle of finding an alternative to my beloved Shu Cleansing Oil, you would know that it hasn't been an easy one. The story of my struggles can be found here in 3 parts:

Do I Stick With My Shu?

Looking back - My Years with Shu (the incredible cleansing oil)

Dilemna over Facial Cleanser

So now here we are folks, it has been almost a week since I started using the Sofina's Cleanse Make Clear Oil. It is quite a lovely cleansing oil and quite similar to the one from Shu. Sofina's texture is a little bit thinner and it smells like delicate flowers. It's makeup-removal ability matches that of Shu's.

After my weeks of experimenting, I am back with the cleanser of my life. For me, Shu is decidely the best there is out there. There are good reasons why I've been with my Shu cleanser for many years. It does exactly what it promises and it never disappoints. Shu will always be my first serious cleanser and I shall never stray again.

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The Seeker said...

I'm glad that you have found what really works better on you, your old cleanser after all is the best.


Izar said...

I often satry away from my trusted products to find something even better but often I realise that I had a reason for calling the old ones "trusted". :-)

I haven't found the right shade yet: it turns out that I have olive skintone (just as I expected) because the two shades I ordered from the Buff color family are still a bit too pinkish for me. (Medium Neut. B. is way too dark.) Fairly Light is what I use right now (thin layer so it doesn't wash me out) but I'm going to order Olive Fair and Olive Light next time and will probably even try something from the "Golden" family. Also, I think I'll try the other end of the line, Original Glow, because Intensive is a mit too matte and chalky. Then again, that may be because it's not the right color...

Has you package arrived yet? Which shades did you order? When it does arrive, please tell us all about it! I'd love to hear your opinion!

Grayburn said...

I am glad that I tried out the other ones though because I have come to appreciate my old cleanser more now! I had it so good hehe :)


Kyle Aalborg said...

Hey Grayburn,
It's me again.
i am really looking for a really good lip balm/treatment that will make my very dry lips soft and supple without creating dependency.
I am looking at the La Roche-Posay Nutritic Lips treatment but I really dont want something that leaves a shine on the lips, I just want something that moisturizes with out a shine.

Have you ever tried this lip treatment? Which others do you suggest?
Just let me know at:


Grayburn said...

Hey Kyle! Nice to see you here. An inexpensive lip balm that I'm quite enjoying right now is from Labello called SOS lip balm. It just makes lips look softened and not shiny. I haven't tried the one from LRP but they seem quite similar. I'm also testing one from Decleor and will post a review on it soon.

Take care and hope this helps! Let me know how it works out for you.


Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I recently tried a deep cleansing oil from a company called DHC.
I know how much you say that you love your Shu cleansing oil, but I have come accross a few studies conducted by dermatologist that say that mineral oil is not so great. I asked my dermatoligist about this and he said it was true.

I tried a sample of this Cleansing oil from this company called DHC. I love it! It throughly removes debris and clogging impurities in my skin.
The link is:

The exact name of the product is:
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

(They use olive oil instead of mineral oil)They also list the ingredients list on that page.

Let me know what you think!

Grayburn said...

Oh hey Kyle! It looks like I have to give this one a try as well :) It's hard to get my hands on DHC here though. But I'll find a way lol!


Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I am very interested in this product and was wondering if you could just take a look at the ingredient list in the link that I clude? Just let me know if there are any bad ones or how good they are! Thanks!

Here's the link: