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Kose Astalution -More Power in Skincare

This orange bottle holds a liquid containing Astaxanthink extract. An extract that has been shown to have 150x the antioxidative properties over the trusty vitamin E. This extract, a carotenoid from the carotene family (oh yes carrots! and other things such as salmon and some forms of yeast), may be able to prevent oxidative damage when our skin is exposed to UVA.

The formula itself is light (runny liquid) yet very hydrating because it has an impressive list of water binding ingredients as well as hyaluronic acid (which temporarily plumps the skin with moisture). Do be careful though as this runny liquid really is quite orange in color.

I have experienced no stinging or irritation whatsoever with this essence. My skin feels boosted with moisture and I am also happy with easier makeup application because it smooths my skin.

Kose's excellent line of products can be seen on their website.

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Vanessa said...

oOoh! Must try this! Thanks for the tip grayburn!

The Seeker said...

an antioxident is something I think everyone needs,and that's a great thing to call attention to it, but sorry for my ignorance when is the right time to aply it?


Grayburn said...

You're welcome Vanessa :) I hope it works for you as well!
Hi Seeker, because our skin gets affected by our environment (ie. sun, car fumes, computers) it is important to use an antioxidant underneath the sunscreen. This way, you have complete protection.

Let me know if you can find a good antioxidant for your skin?


The Seeker said...

Thank you, I'll try to find it and then I'll tell you.