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Bourjois Mini Pigments

These little pots of eye shadow pigments (with slight shimmer) from Bourjois provide a sheer wash of color over your lids. You can increase the pigments' intensity by adding them to a mixing medium. By combining a few of these pigments , you can easily customize your own shade.

Used with my i.d. weather everything sealer creates liquid liner with ease.

Available shades are:

Violet Pearl (pictured above)
Golden Beige
Iridescent Orange (pictured above)
Iridescent White
Pale Gold
Pale Shimmery Blue
Tender Green
Turquoise Sparkle (pictured above)
Shimmery Brown (pictured above)

They are currently available at Asos.

A Note on Red Lipstick

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Izar said...

These look awesome and the fact that they are from Bourjois just makes them all the more appealing! :-) I think I like Pale Gold and Golden Beige the best.