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A Note On Lipstick

A good lipstick is one that compliments your skin tone and expresses how you feel in a particular moment. The formula you choose will determine the look of the color as well as whether it will be high maintenance (requiring frequent re-application).

Choosing a color:
If your hair color is....

Light blond complimentary colors include wine and berry reds, mauve and natural coffee tones.
Golden blond
sunny shades like coral, apricots and peaches.
Blond and Olive skin tones
also neutral tones like peach and terracotta.
reds with brownish undertones and terracotta.
earthy tones such as terracotta, peach and cinnamon.

Darker lipstick shades will make smaller lips appear smaller; so stay away from them if you want a fuller looking pout. Use a reflective or luminous lip liner to line your cupid's bow (the wonderful V-shaped part of your upper lip) as this highlights how beautiful it is. For the rest of your lips, line with a neutral shade in the same color as your natural lip color.

See how to make your lipstick stay put longer

Photo from Flickr.com by Bella of Bacardi

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