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Opening of H&M in Amsterdam - follow-up

video by FeWipS

This was a video taken during the counting down of the new store opening on Leidesplein in Amsterdam. We, standing outside in the cold waiting were buzzing much (I guess partially due to the Red Bull being handed out to the crowd!). We could hear the booming music played by the talented DJ's hired for that day's event (them also decked out in clothing by the Divided line of H&M).

After much anticipation and pushing, we made our way into the store; blinded by all the neon lights and the white walls. I headed straight for the CASH machines to hopefully uncover that I had the magical 100 euros CASH CARD. I had no such luck.

The hot items being fought over were the jeans in both the men's and women's line, and the fake fur coat that was sold for 14.90 euros. I had no such luck either at securing any either of those items in my size either!

We left empty-handed with only the complimentary packs of H&M chewing gum in our hands!

See unveiling of Roberto Cavali's clothing line at H&M

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow that crowd! did you manage to find something nice to wear?

Grayburn said...

Thanks for commenting.
I was only a spectator that day and I really had lots of fun because the crowd was so excited!