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Christmas Wish List item No. 9 - Spa time at home

In these colder months, baths are just what I need. I also use this opportunity to do some much needed pampering and to take good care of my skin. The line of skincare which I adore is from Ole Henriksen. His Skin Inhalation Therapy is great to have at home when you want a spa session in the private of your own home.

This specific one is suitable for all skin types and is so calming and purifying with all sorts of essential oils. Smells like spa heaven!

How I use it: I fill the sink with some warm water and add a few drops of this in the water. I dunk a fluffy face towel in the water and let it soak up all the goodness. Squeeze out excess water. Then I go into the tub and put this over my face. Inhale and exhale....haaaaaahhhh!

All my worries dissipates!

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