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Christmas Wish List item No. 10 - An Oxygen boost

I am feeling a little bit tired lately with all the activities going on in my life. So I'm asking Santa nicely for something to bring some spring back into my step.

I was searching around and I came across this one from Bioelements. It seems this is exactly what I need at this moment. It is called Oxygen Cocktail and I will be grabbing one on my way home from work today. What is so special about it, you ask? It contains hyaluronic acid and a tissue-respiratory factor which together refreshes my skin and attaches moisture molecules from the air onto it. I will be using this first thing in the morning on my eyes to wake them up, under my moisturizer as a serum or over my moisturizer as a makeup base.

I really appreciate when a product has multi-purposes. Another super product!

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