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Friday Feature: Beautiful Candles to Get Now

We've all seen all the wonders they can do with wax and candle-sculpturing. They can be such pieces of art.

There is something however very wonderful and beautiful about a container candle. They instantly set the mood of the room as they can become center pieces in the living room or by you at tub-side. They also make such great house-warming or first-time-visiting someone gifts.

Take a look at these special ones below....

For something festive:
....when the family is there

KarenKlein Candles Holiday Collection, Ornament Design

For something elegant and romantic:
....when it's just the two of you

Etro Heliotrope Perfumed Candle

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Perfumed Candle, Vanille Abricot

For something trendy:
....drinks at home with co-workers

Jen Lew Designs Soy Candle, Bamboo

For something uncluttered but nice:
....lunch party with friends

Clean Ultimate Perfumed Candle

Fresh Scented Candle, Sake

For something feminine:
....when you want some time for yourself

LoLLIA Relax Luminary Candle

Malie Kauai Soy Candle, Gardenia

For something exotic:
....when you are feeling adventurous

Nyakio Candle, African Tea

Claus Porto Voga Acacia Tuberose Candle

Claus Porto Ilyria Honeysuckle Candle

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