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The Dirt on Counterfeit MAC

I received the Heirloom Face Brush Set for Chirstmas and I am so excited because I have been meaning to test the infamous #187 brush for some time now. Now I am not a mineral makeup user but I know from testing the brush at the MAC counter that it would be a winner for liquid foundations.

I usually like to do some research on the products I get just for the fun of it. I was happily reading glowing reviews of the #187 until I landed on a page which burst my bubble! There are infact counterfeit MAC brushes out there; especially the beloved #187! You must imagine my horror when I started reading and realized that the counterfeit looks quite similar to the original if we don't look carefully.

Have a look at the picture from blog.pixnet.net above. The 2 brushes look very similar but the difference is in the quality of the bristles. The counterfeit apparently is less "bouncy" and when viewed from the side, the hairs are crooked. The fake ones also have slightly different printing on the handle which may be pretty difficult to tell. The original MAC #187 is known for their duo-fiber look of white and black hairs in 2 separate layers. However, the fake ones have bristles dyed half with black and half with white (see picture above) and not in separate layers.

More on the MAC #187SE Heirloom brush tomorrow......

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