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A tip from a makeup artist: tissue trick No. 2

It was alot of fun when I was doing a spot of modeling for a makeup artist. Those are often my favorite type of modeling as I get to chit chat with the artist, be made-up and munch at the same time! This is where I learn the best tricks as well as there is time to ask questions often.

Facial tissues are an absolute essential on set and off. Everyone I have talked to seem to have a tissue trick! You can read about the makeup tissue trick No. 1 here.

The key to this one is again to split the tissue into layers. After you have done that, sprinkle a generous amount of loose powder in between the sheets and fold the ends in. You now have a powder pouch/puff made of tissue paper! This helps the powder go on sheer and a little less messy than with the powder brush. The best part is that there is no need to wash this tool! Try this the next time when you use powder to set your makeup.


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