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Christmas Wish List No. 13 - Pamper my man

My man deserves some pampering because he is the one who listens to my babbling everyday. And yes I can go on and on when he listens. I'm putting this on my list because sometimes I forget that he also needs a little pampering. I also must remember to get him flowers once in a while!

Anyway, I spotted this one because it takes care of all the pampering in one kit. It's got a Foot Recovery Gel, a Desert Muscle Rub, and the Paw Paw Skin Repair. And it's from Vitaman.

I think it's so important that a man takes care of himself (that's why you should ask yours to check out the skincare from them); and that he's also taken care of by us.

You can Buy VitaMan Skin & Hair Care at upurea.com or go directly to their website for more information.

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