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From the Heirlooms Face Brush Set - Brush #187SE by MAC

Following up on the MAC #187 brush (my previous entry here), I promised a review on the Holiday edition of the brush in the Heirloom Face Brush Set called #187SE. The "SE" stands for special edition; represented by its shorter handle.

The brushes in this set all have gold handles and although the quality is not as good as the original-sized MAC's, they work well for traveling and touch-ups. Since the duo fiber-ness (2 separate layers of different types of white and black bristles) is one of the reasons the 187 is so famous, consumers buying the 187SE for this reason may be disappointed here. This 187SE's duo-fiberness is less obvious so if it is not what you're looking for, then it may be best to get the original. Otherwise, after testing the 187SE with different types of powders and liquids, I can truly say that it is a wonderful brush to work with as it applies those products in the sheerest of ways.

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