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Painting 101 - Ideas and trends in eye shadow

Have you always wanted to try bold eye shadow color or is there a color you have never worn? It seems that this is the season to try them. This season's eye makeup has gone totally wild for super color combinations and the effect is really something else.

The key seems to be that the shadows are worn with some deliberate contrasting. The trend is moving away from too much glitter or frosty to something a little more matte. You can achieve this by starting with a matte shadow and then pat on a little bit of shimmer on key areas afterwards.

When considering a color:

1. Look at what you are wearing that day. Matching the colors exactly with your outfit is not the key; you want your eye shadow to pop!

2. Pick a shade that flatters your skin tone rather than being too bold in the wrong way.

3. White accentuates light so they are beautiful on darker skin tones.

4. Dark blue shadow looks amazing with another orange or yellow tint shadow.

5. For more of a contrast, choose a shadow either lighter than or darker than your eye color (i.e. dark blue shadow for light blue eyes).

6. Green eyes become more striking with purples, violets contrasted with rosy shadows.

7. Brown eyes can be accentuated by copper, bronze or gold shadows; contrasted with some green.

Have fun creating these looks for the parties!

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image from flickr by kee-um

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