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Recent & Interesting reads from some of my favorite bloggers

I love reading posts from my fellow bloggers as they are resourceful, funny and inspirational. I have the pleasure here to introduce to you to some of my favorites....

A Touch of Blusher - writes a review on The Scent of Peace by Bond No. 9

All About the Pretty - talks about her take on Las Vegas; restaurants, shops, hotels

Beaut.ie - tells us which fragrance she will be getting her bigger sis. I'm jealous!

Beauty Addict - writes a series on Silly Celebrity makeup mistakes. Gosh it's hard to watch famous people make these mistakes!

Beauty Banter - Spotted Kimberly Stewart in a salon getting the haircut of the moment! It's so tempting to go short again!

Beauty Tricks Blog - has some delicious diet recipes to inspire all of us to get started for the New Year. Yummy!

Binary Star - an artist who loves to paint and who loves cosmetics tells us a little more about herself. Hi Izar!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do and have a great week!

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Vanessa said...

Hey there! Thanks! I love purples! They just look gorgeous on everyone I think...really brings out the eyes!

Thanks again love your blog too!

Mikaela said...

Hey, got you through Jack & Hill... come check out my new beauty, travel & style blog!

Grayburn said...

Hey Mikaela, thanks for introducing yourself! Your site is filled with some handy beauty advices.

Good stuff!

Grayburn said...

Hi Vanessa! Yes I agree, purple is so feminine as well.

Can't wait to see your next do!

Izar said...


Thanks for mentioning me in your blog and for visiting me! Also, there were a few blogs here that I din't know about, so I'm off to check those.

Take care!

Grayburn said...

Hey there Izar! No problem, it's my duty to share with others what I've discovered.

Have a great day!