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About the 26th of December - Boxing Day and Favorite Things 2007

The day after Christmas is usually the day we spend recovering from the huge meals we have had in the last few days or weeks. For some of my friends over in North America, it may mean doing so by shopping the Boxing Day sales. All the stores other than maybe Ikea is open here today! So I decided I will spend my time going through this past year's beauty file. Looking back I have discovered many surprisingly good as well as disappointing beauty finds. I wish to make a list of my favorites for 2007 and to share this with all of you!

A bunch of my fellow bloggers will be doing the same and we will be publishing our lists starting from December 31st till early January. So be sure to drop by as I am sure these will be some of the best reads you will come across! I have to thank Annieytown from Blogdorf Goodman for coming up with such a great idea (see this for more details).

What a wonderful way to wrap up 2007 and anticipate what wonderful beauty finds will be awaiting us in 2008! Stay tuned!

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The Seeker said...

I can not wait... :)
Happy Holidays!!!