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Finally reviewed - Kanebo Kate Mascara Base

I was so excited when I picked up my package from Japan yesterday. Everything was neatly and meticulously wrapped and there was a sample of a toner included.

Anyway, I tried it finally this morning. The mascara itself is very minimalist (as you can see in the picture) in a nice way. The liquid itself is a white almost clear gel that is light and seems to help hold my Shu-curled lashes well. The wand is straight with tight bristles. All this ensures that all my lashes are coated evenly and comfortably (I hate huge wands!).

I use it with the Imju (Dejavu) Fibrewig mascara. The results were natural (no clumps) yet dramatic (if that is possible)! My lashes are thicker than without this and it holds the curl very well.

I can truly say my search for the perfect mascara is over.
Let me know what you winning mascara is/are?

Read about Imju (Dejavu) Fibrewig mascara

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Anonymous said...

hi grayburn!
this one is great and i love eveyrthing from kate. it's edgy but still fun and girly.

alebs5 said...

THAT WOULD BE my favourite mascara ever: waterproof Zan Zusi. This is found in Mexico! I have very straight and thick eyelashes and water- based mascaras just don't hold the curl for me. I live in a high humedity area so that makes the problem worse. Other waterproof mascaras are just too messy and lumpy. The only mascara that makes my eyelashes long, thick and flawless is this brand. It may be found in the US? I got them from a Mexican supermarket in Mexico. A similar one would be Maybelline's Volume Express Waterproof mascara. That's the one I used before but they stop selling it here in HK.