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Bloggers' Game of Tag

I had the fortune of being tagged by the seeker. As the game goes, I must reveal the contents of my purse. You get to know alot about a woman by the contents of her purse. A male friend of mine was told by his mother to never look into a woman's purse because it is an ill-mannered thing to do.

* Tod's Wallet in black - I always check that I have got my movie card in there. You never know when you feel like popping into the movie theater.

* Mint - got to be prepared!

* Mobile - doubles as a watch and camera.

* Cargo Lip Gloss Duo - (the dented tin in the middle!) in Oulu. This one has seen the insides of many purses. A great sheer grape color!

* Yon-ka Elastine Jour - for anything that needs moisturizing.

* YSL Compact Powder for Complexion - had to have this shiny gold compact.

* Rituals Supershine Lipgloss in #7135 - You would see a different gloss in my purse each day but today I've got this one in it. I only need a tiny little dab of this for my lips.

* Keys

* The Body Shop Almond Lip Butter - soothing scent and so nourishing.

* The Body Shop Chrome Compact Mirror - comes in a mesh protector and has 2 mirrored-sides; one in normal view, the other with 3X zoom.

and my Penguin soap! I got this as a gift and it hasn't made its way out of my purse yet. It's so adorable and cheerful. Cheers me up every time I look at its chubby face!

Now, who should I tag?

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Izar said...

Gorgeous stuff you've got there! That YSL compact crowns it, but I also love that penguin soap, it's so cute!

Check out the contest results on my blog because even though Seeker has won, you get to have a drawing too! :-)

The Seeker said...

Oh I love your penguin soap, it's really so cute.
Great things, like I told Izar, I was expecting to see some make up produts ;)

nilla cookie said...

what a fun post! I've been meaning to do one like this as well. The YSL compact is so pretty! :)

Henna said...

You have a Tod's bag?! I'm so jealous.

Grayburn said...

Gee thanks! I'm so glad I had won something finally!

I can't seem to part with my penguin soap even though I know how ridiculous that sounds!

Please anyone who would like to join in the tagging game fun, please do! Rummaging through people's purses give such great insight into their personality :)