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Looking back - My Years with Shu (the incredible cleansing oil)

.......Continuation from the Story "Do I Stick With Shu"

Before I talk to you about Softymo and Sofina (the new cleansers who are making my heart wander), I should tell you about my wonderful years with Shu.

I met what was to become the cleanser of my life back when my skin was a little less temperamental. My demands in skincare was not as high as now but deep down I always knew that this one would see me through the thick and the thin. It has been good to me during my breakout years and dry times.

It has a minimalist bottle with a classic formula that removes makeup and cleanses my skin all in one go. It contains wonderfully nourishing oils as well as vitamin E; which has some antioxidant properties. When it is rinsed, all I'm left with is clean and soothed skin.

I had thought this would be the one! Perhaps I was too naive and young back then!

Story about Softymo and Sofina to be continued....

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Anonymous said...

it is a lovely face cleanser. have you tried the other formulas as well?

The Seeker said...

I never saw this brand here, or maybe I didn't notice it...

Thank you for the lovely words you left me.


Row said...

Hey Grayburn

I have this in two formulas - Green Tea (my fav) and the orange one for dry skin. I also like the original but I have to say the Green Tea fomula works best for me - It is the least irritating. I do love cleansing oil...

Grayburn said...

Yeah it really is the only time I have fallen in love with a cleanser! It is the brilliant way Shu Uemura is with all their products.

You're welcome the seeker. He really was an intuitive man when it comes to makeup. It is such a shame that he is no longer with us.

There are so many formulas and not enough time to try. I've always stuck with the original one. But as you can see, I'm starting to stray just out of curiosity. Who knows to which cleanser this will bring me Row!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grayburn,
I am very interested in buying the Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh version. It's not the same version of yours, but I was wondering if you could e-mail me the ingredient list for your Shu cleansing oil?
E-mail me at: