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Bioré - Past & Present

I remember the time when I was first introduced to a Japanese brand of personal care products called Bioré. What was special was that Bioré's products were readily available in drug stores but their products had a complete different concept. One of the products that Bioré was well-known for was their pore strips. They were bandage-like patches shaped to fit on top of our nose or forehead, and were activated by moistening the skin with water before attaching them. Their purpose was to remove blackheads and more when the patch was peeled off. Sounds painful...YES it was! But I remember being obsessed with them and not listening to my facialist's words of warming. She even threatened to cancel our future appointments.

As fate would have it, I recently received the wrong product in the mail. Low and behold, it was another pore -clearing product from Bioré. A vivid image of my angry facialist popped into my mind. From what I could gather on the little box with Japanese writing, this product was made to dissolve dirt in our pores with its self-heating mechanism. The pore-cloggers would thus be easily carried off because they were softened with heat and then rinsed off with water.

My experience with this product was that it smells slightly artificial like plastic. The texture of it was a thick paste and it dried matte. The result was not drastic, however, upon inspection in my 10x mirror. The only improvement that I noticed was that my pores looked more refined.

Credits: Grayburn

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The Seeker said...

Well dear sounds a bit dangerous :)
Or maybe I'm not being open mind.

shopinchic said...

A long time ago I used something similar from Ponds,and I was pleased with the results. But I haven't used anything like that in a long time,and maybe thats a good thing.

alien man?! said...

i didn't even know biore was japanese, cool

imo, no other imitation strip could compare to biore nose strips

is it really so bad?

Grayburn said...

alien man?!

I was quite addicted to those strips because they always took off a forest of blackheads. But my facialist banned me from using them because they rip off patches of skin as well, which is quite damaging to do over and over again. I couldn't afford to loose my so so talented facialist, so I had to ditch those strips :)


Emilee @ GMM said...

I've heard that the Japanese versions are more effective than the ones in the US market, which is rather interesting considering it's the same company.

I do use them from time to time...nothing more satisfying than seeing those clogged pores come out!