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The Next Generation

We had the mood rings in the 70s, more recently the O-Glow cheek color by Smashbox, and now a color transforming nail polish. All of these fads change color depending on body temperature or sunlight.

A group of students at the Albion High School in Salford have developed a nail polish which goes from nude to colored when exposed to UV light. The school's ban on the use of makeup motivated the group to create the polish for their class' enterprise project.

The school has gone on and created 32 transforming shades (based on the color of brick found around the school) and is now trying to commercialize the product.

Tell me, would you buy this even if you are not banned from wearing makeup?

Credits: dailymail.co.uk

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Lily said...

it sounds cool, but i don't know if it would perform. when i was younger, i used to wear those mood color changing nail polishes... the only problem was that if my nails were long, the part of my nail that was attached to my finger would be a slightly different color than the part that grew out because it responded to heat and temperature...

Grayburn said...


Thanks for commenting, I've replied on yours :)


The Seeker said...

Seems cool, I think it can rock.
Well I would like to try it... of course I would.

Henna said...

I would try it but I don't know if I'd actually wear it all the time. I like my polish to be the same colour all the time...