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This Month's Picks For Eyeshadows

Featured here are a few of my favorite shadows for the month of June. This is the time of the year to skip heavy makeup but instead opt for a few swipes of natural colors in the crease. These colors are universally flattering and will enhance almost everyone's eye-color. With already heat-flushed cheeks, the entire look will be healthy and vibrant! Make it look effortless, as if you applied the colors with your fingers!

in 04 Emerald Forest

Lovely choices all in one compact! These have a gorgeous texture that is smooth to blend and pigmented. This is the best buy for this month!

MAC eyeshadows from the Neo Sci-Fi Collection
in Magnetic Fields (Veluxe Pearl), Evening Aura (Veluxe Pearl)

I have waited so long for these! The neon orange packaging is quite fab actually and the entire collection is so easy to wear. The idea with this collection is to enhance the skin with warm colors and great textures. I will get into more detail about this collection in a later post.

(with nylon micro-spheres + expert brush)
in 09 brun nylon

Wow! These have fantastic packaging with built-in mirror and a pretty decent (non-sponge tip) brush for application. The collection has a total of 9 colors and they are all intensely pigmented, extremely blendable and an almost 'hugging' texture. The different shades have a personality of their own because they swatch differently than they look in the pan. These were only out for a couple of days and the turquoise shade was already sold out at one store.

Photo credits: Grayburn

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yummy411 said...

great recommendations... esp. since evening aura and magnetic fields were the only two shadows i bought from the NSF collection!

*will be on the hunt for that jane palette!*

Leigh said...

The Jane palette looks lovely! I'll have to be on the look out for it. And you're making me sad that I didn't get those MAC shadows =/.

Izar said...

Hmmm, they look great! The first one reminds me of seaweed (which, I suppose, was intentional on the manufacturer's part). :-)

I really need to check out if those new Bourjois eye shadows are available here or not. (Want a bet...?) The one in your post kinda looks like a bar of milk chocolate, except it seems to have a bluish sheen, like EDM'S 'Starry Eyed'. Does it in real life though?

Lovely post, Grayburn!!!

The Seeker said...

I dear, hope your weekend was pleasent and made you feel better.

At Sat I was very sad, I wanted Netherlands to win, you should have see me, you would laugh. I shouted, I said "things", me that I don't care about soccer :D
Now I'm not interested in Euro 2008.
My fav teams are out... s whatever...

But you did a great post, I really like those shadows.


Grayburn said...

yummy 411...I regret that I didn't get the other colors of jane palettes. If you spot them, you could convince me how much I missed out!

Leigh...there must be some more of those shadows floating around somewhere or swappable. keep an eye out for them, they're worth it!

Izar....I'm gonna bet that you have those bourjois shadows already in your area! Btw, are you hungry or something? First it's seaweed and now chocolate!?! Wait a minute, or maybe it's me... :) I don't have Starry Eyed (did you notice that it's on giveaway over 30 dollars or something of purchase?) seems both have silver shimmer which gives it a little bit of that cool blue tinge like you said. What's your bet for the mystery brand to come to your Douglas?

x's & o's everyone!

B said...

Lovin' the recs!

Times of Glory said...

Darling, thank you for your sweet comments all the time. The eyeshadow is gorgeous! I love natural colour. They give us a great enhance... Mac's look so good and I have just bought the bourjois one .... you are so right that it has a fantastic packaging and the colour is so pretty! Now, I really want to try Jane's - the colour combination looks fantastic to me and it is pure mineral! Thank you for such an easy and accurate reviews, dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. My nail colour is Mac Vintage Vamp.

Grayburn said...

b...so glad you liked these :) I'm wondering, did you get anything from tendertones?

times of glory...You're welcome dear :) The neutral face seems to be really in at the moment which works just as well seeing that the weather is a little warmer. Which bourjois shadow did you get? I love your polish, so I'll be on my way looking for it!

See you lovlies!

Anca said...

Happy to get the feeling(from your lovely post), that you are much better now :) Am I right?
warm greetings :)

Grayburn said...

Anca...hi sweetie, thanks for your concern :) It's been a little rough and I was feeling quite worn out. How have you been?

hugs xo Grayburn

Izar said...

I must have been hungry, I don't remember. :-D
I have no idea which brands they'll introduce, but I'd be happy to see Shu Umemura (would love to try their cleansing oil, of which you spoke so highly a few months ago) or Philosophy (their gourmand scents look like a lot of fun).

I just got word that the brand Too Faced is also available in Hungary now. Will check it out soon, but if you know the brand, do let me know what you think about their products.


Grayburn said...

Izar...hey you lucky girls are getting loads of cool brands over there! Too Faced is so girly-extravagant. I love their makeup sets and palettes because they're a great way to check out a few items at a time and so much fun. Their bronzers and blushes are always great but I'm not particularly fond of the lip plumping or lash thickening products. Have loads of fun and let me know if you discover anything please!