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6 Ways For A Fresh Face

Items at our disposal to keep the heat off of our faces. These help with sweat/heat-induced makeup meltdown.

1. Start Right - Mattifying Toner
H2O+ Sea Clear Mattifying Toner

Using a mattifying toner to prep our skin not only prepares our skin for moisturizer, it also provides a matte base for anything else we will be layering on top. This one is dual-phased with AHA's (exfoliates) and mineral powders (to absorb excess oil). Comes highly recommended by a friend of mine who is a makeup artist!

2. Prepare Yourself - Suitable Primer

Boots No7 Mattifying Make-Up BaseOkay

Okay, this stuff stinks a little and its feels tacky at first. But applying a small dot of this spread over oily areas as a primer (over moisturizer) kills shine all day long! I only pull this one out on extremely warm days where I know I will need to stay looking cool.

3. A Good Finish -
Setting Powder with Silica

If I still want extra oil-control after the first 2 steps, I finish off my makeup with a light dusting of a loose powder that contains silica on oilier areas.

4. Keep These Handy - Blotting Papers
Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

I don't like to be without these on me. They are blue, they are stretchy, they absorb oil well without leaving a film of powder on my face. The oily patches left on the sheet are eh hem... addictive to look at (!).

5. Don't Overdo It - Gentle Cleanser
(this picture is for my male readers so you don't feel left out!)

Cleanse your skin gently with a mild cleanser so that you don't overstimulate your oil glands. But make sure that your cleanse thoroughly because you don't want any leftover dirt to give you breakouts either!

6. Treat - Clay Masks

I love it when companies have fun. Burt's Bees says "Your pores will thank you by vanishing [if you use this product]". It's a little cheesy but I love it! This mask has green French clay and other goodies to tighten, refine and absorb. The result is soft and no over-drying. It's good to use a clay mask once or twice a week during the summer for deep-cleansing.

Photo credits: Cool tutorial on shaving for my male audiences at menXpert.com, h2oplus.com, boots.co.uk, cleanandclear.com, burtsbees.com.

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Lily said...

blotting papers never seem to work for me :( maybe i haven't found a good brand yet lol

The Seeker said...

Thank you so much for all the tips.
Have a great weekend darling :)

Izar said...

Great stuff! I'd love to try all of them, but yet again, here in Hungary... :-)

Btw, you made me want to try a micellar cleanser so much in your earlier post that I've been looking for them in drugstores in Budapest: we have Avene's, of course, and I've also found that Bioderma sells one as well. And it turned out that they're having a promotion right now: with every Bioderma purchase one gets a 125 ml Sébium H2O Solution Micellaire cleanser. I got mine today, will post soon!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Virtuous Blue said...

Thanks for all of the great recommendations. This summer heat has really been giving me the "oily blues" as I like to call them lol. That toner sounds fabulous.


Grayburn said...

Lily...actually I've heard that plain old napkins work even better than blotting papers!

Hey Seeker...you're so lovely :) thanks dear and hope your weekend was good as well.

Hello Izar...oh my, I cannot wait to hear about Bioderma..a brand I've never tried. You did make me have a look at them this weekend so now I'm waiting for your review :) My weekend was gorgeous, how was yours?

Virtuous Blues...I love calling it oily blues! What lovely products do you reach for in the summer heat?

luv, Grayburn