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Getting Started With Decléor

A set containing 4 of Decléor's products is the training wheels that eases us into Decléor's special method of maintaining good skin.

The kit contains the Stick Lèvres, Crème Hydratante “Nectar De Fleures”, Aromessence Néroli, and Phytopeel.

I believe Decléor is skincare made for and created by scent gourmands. Being a company who's products are made in France, they recommend a method of skincare which I find is quite typically French. The reason is that their line focuses on the use of good quality essential oils. Looking at the steps which we follow to apply these products, it seems that the French way is that we must take time when caring for our skin.

First the skin is gently cleansed, then the face and neck are massaged with an essential oil blend until absorbed. Third is the application of a moisturizer (for day), or a balm (at night) to seal in moisture and perfect the tone of the skin.

The Decléor scents transcend me. My favorite scent comes from the little bottle of Aromessence Néroli, which, by the way, has been really good to my skin. Layering Crème Hydratante “Nectar De Fleures” (it has a rather nice scent and texture as well) over the Aromessence Néroli completes the experience, as they work to calm and hydrate my skin. All is done in a luxurious and elegant way.

The tube of lipcare is a pleasant surprise. It smells of candied orange peel and has great softening properties. Nothing sticky or shiny about it, just a simple, elegant product.

A disappointment however, is the Phytopeel. I despise the smell of Marjoram which is predominant in this product. And the worst of all, the product must be smeared on, left until dried and then rubbed off. It left me with reddened skin and my mood deflated.

All in all, Decléor is a skincare line created to be savored by our noses and as a savior to our skin. This kit packs the essential items and is a wonderful introduction to Decléor. Following the company's recommendations will ensure excellent skin hydration.

Credits: Grayburn

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Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I have tried to find the Decleor Stick Levres Calin (the one that you have pictured). But I can't seem to find it? It is a very new product?

I also discovered this brand called Yu-Be. It is a Japanese brand from Japan that makes all-natural products. They are sold on Sephora.com if you would like to check them out. The best thing, their Lip Therapy has all-natural ingredients..for only $5 USD!!


The Seeker said...

Lovely kit.


Grayburn said...

Stick Levres came with this set but should also be sold individually. It probably won't be available at Sephora but at spas or smaller shops that sell Decleor, or at their counters.

I love yube's hand moisturizer. It is the thickest, most nurturing thing for the hands at night!

x Grayburn

nywele said...

oh my god! I loove Decleor. There's this spa that I go to in Boston and they exclusively use Decleor. Their neroli oil is so nourishing..too bad the price is so steep!!