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Current Lemmings

My current list of lemmings consist of a few items that I think will be perfect for the Summer. What about you? What are your current lemmings?

No 7 Dream Lash Jet Black Mascara
I really enjoy using mascaras with rubber bristles and especially like the way this one looks. This will be great for defining features for nights out, because it is supposed to be punched with extra carbon for intense black lashes.

Diane von Furstenberg's Knotted one-piece swimsuit
As much as I love a 2-piece swimsuit, I find the 1-piece sophisticated and glamorous. This one from Diane von Furstenberg is sultry and confident. I could take this from the beach to drinks by adding a pair of dressed-up shorts or a skirt and heels. The color of the suit will compliment from my current state of paleness to a late summer tan.

Lash Tint Kit by Lip-Ink International
Lash kits are not usually popular because they take time at night to apply. Most people would prefer to use a water-proof mascara and call it a day! Personally, I think lash tinting makes sense (even for those with darker lashes) because they enhance our lashes on days when we just don't want to wear mascara. They are great when you know you will be swimming or sweating a bit. Having no mascara melt-down to worry about will leave you with a peace of mind to worry about other things!

Viktor & Rolf T-Shirt
My love for the creations from Viktor & Rolf doesn't only come from the fact that they are a famous Dutch fashion house. I love the magic and glamour that they represent; especially their sweet-smelling Flower Bomb perfume. This t-shirt is on my list and I would take the skirt as well if I could.

Easy Looks Makeup Shop Kit in Shimmer & Glow
The Scandinavian countries have some of the most interesting and innovative companies who produce products of great quality. I discovered the makeup kits from this company and I want it so much that it hurts! This company produces 5 kits and all of them have user-friendly shades - SilverGrace, Electric, Sun-kissed, Smokey eyes and Shimmer & Glow. Since they come packaged in blisters, they are handy to pack on vacation and on the plane. My only worry about these is that the foundation that comes with them will not match a wide variety of skin tones.

Guerlain Meteorites Poudre De Perles, Illumiating Perfecting Pressed Powder
Last but the most lemming-worthy is this luminizing pressed powder from my beloved Guerlain. The center of the one shown in the picture above contains a green pearl that promises to whisk away redness. All of them have different shades of illumination, depending on your desired look.

The shades available are:

01 Mythic Parfait: instant radiance
White and pink powder with a center green pearl.

02 Rose Frais: freshness
Designed to illuminate slightly tanned skin tones. White and pink shades with another pink center pearl gives the face a freshened appeal.

03 Beige Lumineux: creating a luminous matte effect
Two matte beige shades with a center purple pearl gives a wash of brightening, without the use of shimmer.

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The Seeker said...

First Congratulations Netherlands!!!!

Oh dear you show us such nice and lovely things, I love that one pice swimsuit, despite I'm for the 2 pieces, but like you say one piece seems so elegante.
Also love the Viktor & Rolf T-Shirt.


Lily said...

ooh that easy looks makeup kit looks tempting. it reminds me of cargo's 12 day lipgloss kit or something. whatever it's called :P

Grayburn said...

yes really looks like those from Cargo. I love the idea and ease of these; especially for traveling and hotel rooms. Have you tried the ones from Cargo?


Grayburn said...


Thanks for the cheers for our team! It was a big victory but my Italian friends are not so happy today :(

2 pieces are so sexy and easier with tanning but I' starting to love the 1-piece. Good to have both?


shopinchic said...

I am a fan of Diane Von Furstenberg
Her clothes are feminine and fun
without being overtly sexy.

She makes some of the prettiest dresses and I do like that 1-Piece swimsuit. 1-Piece swimwear used to
be matronly,but not anymore.

Izar said...

See my latest post for an answer! ;-)

Thanks for your wonderful comment, by the way, it really made my day!