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Beauty Geek - SPINLASH

The geek in me has a deep fascination for electronic gadgets. My house is fitted with all sorts of these that sometimes make things a little easier for me. I was shopping around in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport (which has fantastic shopping these days by the way) and I came across a shop selling all sorts of gadgets. I laid my eyes on an alarm clock that is fitted on 2 large wheels, and it rolls around the room ringing when it is time for you to get up! I laughed out loud at it because I was imagining me chasing the alarm clock, with half-open eyes, and watching it run out of the room and down the stairs!

This brings me to another gadget pictured here called SPINLASH. You might remember that I voiced disbelieve about this in a previous post. The rotating mascara wand came packaged with it's own wand-holder, and a black mascara.

Let's compare the company's claims against my personal experience with it:

Spinlash 1 : Synthetic brush - 'glide gently and smoothly through.."

I do like mascaras with rubber brushes because they are gentler than the traditional brush on our eyes and lashes. Spinlash's brush is pretty straight all around with a slight thicker middle. The bristles are soft and glides easily through my lashes.

Spinlash 2 : 'Gentle motion of the rotating brush separates lashes while it coats, lengthens, & volumizes."

The rotation happens a lot slower than I thought it would. The fact that it is so slow made it less intimidating during my first trial. Honestly, I didn't want to like this thing. But I was amazed at how easily it combed through my lashes and caught all the little clumps my mascara had left behind. The button on its mid section of the wand controls the brush's direction of rotation. This is smart because it makes it easy to switch between both eyes.

The part of the claim where I am not so sure about is lengthening and volumizing. The mascara that comes with the wand left a rather undesirable effect for me. I normally look for length and volume from any given mascara and this mascara falls short in both categories. I imagine though if you are looking for something completely natural, this is not so bad.

How I use it
I have quite many lash combs which I never use because I find them rather intimidating (hard plastic or metal + unsteady hands near my eyes = accident waiting to happen). Instead, I opt to choose a clump-free mascara, or just ignore the clumps on my lashes (!).

This rotating wand was rather enjoyable to use because all I have to do is hold it under my lashes (which I have already applied mascara to), as it detangles away my mascara mess. I love to watch all the clumps just fall off and land on the soft rubbery brush. After every use, I wash the brush with soap and water, as I would with any lash comb.

I love it and I would buy it as a well-performing lash comb, but not to apply mascara. However, I wished that the batteries inside the wand were replaceable. The way it is designed now, the opening to the batteries is glued shut. So after the batteries are used up, the entire wand has to be disposed.

Mascara comes in brownish black or black, both valued at 14.95 USD. More information at Spinlash.com

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Times of Glory said...

God, it sounds very advanced! I have never come across it before and i really have to check out their website! Thank you for another great review xxxxxxxxxx

Virtuous Blue said...

I've been hearing nice things about this mascara (well, mostly just the wand). At first thought it would be awkward to having something rotating near my eye lol, but it seems like a really cool device. Hmmm...has me quite curious.


Leigh said...

Great review. This product was interesting but didn't do much at all for me. I (like yourself) also didn't like the fact that you couldn't replace the batteries. Hope you had a great weekend.

Grayburn said...

Hope you will have fun as I did with this ladies :)

xo Grayburn

The Seeker said...

How are you darling? Hope feeling fine :)
Great review you did, as always, thanks for all this information.

Lily said...

haha imagine a robot alarm clock! now that'd be funny!! and really cool not to mention... haha!

B said...

Yay! I love it too!