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Skincare Before the Zzzzzzz's

Sleep is oh so important and sometimes I wish I could just crash into bed without feeling guilty for not having removed my makeup etc. I usually end up getting up after 10 mins. of laying in bed with my makeup on, envisioning zits blossoming on my face. Getting a good night's rest means going through my nightly ritual of removing & applying. It is simply inescapable for me.

The other day, I decided to count the steps I took for skincare before bed. It came to a whopping 14 on a normal night! I encourage all of you to try this exercise and count yours because I assure you, you will be amazed one way or another. Here's my routine before bed:

1. cleansing oil
2. face wash
3. face toner or glycolic wipe
4. all over face serum
5. eye cream
6. face cream/oil
7. spot treatment cream on face if needed
8. spot treat sensitized parts if needed
9. lip cream
10. foot cream
11. hand cream
12. once a month overnight hair treatment
13. neck cream
14. spot treatment on chest if needed

It would be interesting to see how many you girls/guys have. Please let me know about yours in comments (so I don't feel like such a freak!).

Photo cred: instablogsimages.com

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The Seeker said...

Well... I think sometimes I skip a few ... :S

1. face wash with special soap (Gamila Secret I will talk about it)
2. face toner
3. all over face serum or "anti-taches"
4. eye cream
5. face cream
6. lip cream
7. hand cream

Twice a week a mask before all nÂș2

I've realized now that I'm improving myself, some months ago I could went to bed without doing a thing, or just cleaning with a little towell...
Hmmmm is that you inspiaring me... I think so, so I must thank you so much for that.

Grayburn said...

Seeker...sounds like you enjoy it as well :) That's great dearie. How are things at work? Any holidays coming up?


Lily said...

1. remove eye makeup
2. face wash
3. face toner
4. moisturize
5. eye cream

i'm always rushing to get to sleep! this routine takes me forever along with brushing my teeth even though it's only 5 steps! lol

Izar said...

Wow, that's almost like a ritual!

Mine is much simpler nowadays:

1. remove makeup and sunscreen (mix of a creamy facial wash and some oils)

2. after-cleanse with a micellar solution

3. salycilic acid toner/exfoliator

4. moisturizer (own blend)

5. lipbalm :-)

That's it!

I've been wanting to ask you for a while if you could possibly tell us about the products you actually use for your face (and body), and this seemed like an excellent occasion to do so. You told me a while ago how you need to clean your skin very thoroughly to get rid of MMU, and I've been wondering ever since what you use on your face beside Avene's micellar cleanser. Inquiring minds want to know. :-D