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Waiting For The MAC Electroflash Collection

While waiting for the MAC Electroflash collection to reach our shores, I have got something that will just about wet my appetite! These are little cheap thrills to get me through this torturous period of waiting and obsessing over yet another new MAC collection (a reoccurring obsession I cannot seem to shake).

Now I have talked about Hema's house brand of makeup quite a few times (I have even turned a friend of mine, who works at MAC, onto their nail polishes!). They really make the most excellent quality of nail polishes and their eyeshadow collection is getting better and better.

In line with the gold & bronze trend that is so summer and flattering on everyone, I picked up 3 mineralized eyeshadows from Hema's new line. Just like MAC's new Electroflash mineralized eyeshadows, these are em....mineralized, have a dome shape, can be used wet & dry, and have that interesting veining that we all love. Granted these are not very pigmented, but that is because they make gorgeous washes over the lid or as spot highlighters. The pluses with Hema's are that they are fragrance free, and contain chamomile extract, vitamin E and jojoba oil. All of them apply smoothly with great slip and they work wondrously over MAC paint pots.

Eyeshadow W&D 04

A base of Russian gold stirred with white, 14k gold and silver.

Eyeshadow W&D 01

The sheerest in the bunch; this looks pretty in the pan but is the disappointment in this group. Perhaps great for those who prefer very subtle shimmer. I will top off my lipstick by patting this shade in the middle of my lower lip.

Eyeshadow W&D 02

Cool-toned version of MAC Amber Lights, will work great paired alongside MAC Tempting. Veining varies from gold to bronze.

Photo Credits: Grayburn

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Lily said...

these look pretty! anything mineralized gets my attention!

Times of Glory said...

Thank you for inducing these gorgeous shads. I love them so much! W&D 04 seems gorgeous and rare! I hope they can create similar looks like those created by cream eyeshadow! Actually, I want some glossy eye look, but I guess gloss can be so hard to keep xxxxxxxxx

Tamron Lohan said...

You've won a Premio Award! I've tagged you. Thrilling, I know.

The Seeker said...

Really nice shadows, so good for summer.

Hope you're enjoying your summer darling ;)


Grayburn said...

times of glory...mineral shadows are great for the glossy look that stays!

tamron lohan...thanks very much! Can't wait to pass this on :)

the seeker...summer is pretty great so far (besides being sick quite a bit..which is now). How's yours so far?

xo Grayburn

Izar said...

Checked out Hema's website and found myself understanding about 80% of the Dutch text! :-) Those torturous German-classes payed off, I guess. :-)

I love these shadows, and actually, I wouldn't mind the fact that they're not very pigmented. They're bold enough as they are, what with the golden/bronze tones, and a soft golden wash over our lids in the summer is a really cool thing to have.

(Yup, those nail polishes do look great.)


Grayburn said...

Izar...aw cool, you read some Dutch! I haven't tried these shadows wet yet because I don't like overly metallic lids but the wash of shimmer I get from these is quite stunning!

take care luv,