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Beauty Walking The Silk Road

So it seems that silk in beauty is hot again! Manufacturers of beauty products have quickly jumped on the trend and have added silk to their products for the extra added appeal.

Silk is wonderful.
If you have ever run your hand over a silky garment (like that of a traditional Chinese dress "Qi-pao"), you would know what a wonderful sensation that is. Who wouldn't want their hair or skin to feel exactly like that? The benefits from silk lies in the fact that it contains 18 amino acids that have the same PH balance as our skin. These amino acids are said to have anti-aging effects and help to hold moisture in the skin. We typically see silk part of the ingredients list in our skin moisturizers, mineral makeup, or hair care products. But lately, you may come across silk used in the most unexpected or unusual places.

Case 1 - Hairdryer

The Imetec Nutriheat hairdryer is said to release silk proteins while drying hair. The silk capsule inside the dryer releases a stream of silk when hot air blows through it. It seems that these capsules need to be replaced about every 6 hair-drying sessions.

What do you all think? Do you think this is a must try for me? Is this where I should invest my money into, instead of say, a new pair of shoes? Or maybe you already have this and have something to say about it? I would really love to hear what you think.

Case 2 - Pillows Cases

This pillow case from SilkSkin is supposed to slow the process of aging, wrinkles, bed head, decrease bed mites, help with thinning hair (as tossing and turning is supposedly rough on our hair!) and give you a better night's sleep. I love the idea of sleeping on luxurious silk sheets and on decadent silk pillow cases, but for the price of them I think I would rather invest in another face cream.

What is your take on this? Perhaps you think that this is worth its price (approx. 70 USD) and would like to share your reasons why?

Photo credits: chinadaily.com, silkskin.co.uk, trevorsorbie.com

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The Seeker said...

Hi dear, how are you??

Wow, what a great information. I LOVE silk.

The luxurious silk sheets are so fetiching me.

I think the silk pillow cases are interesting ;) Do they work...??? Hmmmmm... I don't think so.
The hairdryer well... I'm also in doubt...

I think dear better buy another face cream. ;)
Maybe I'm wrong...


shopinchic said...

Choices,choices,all are so tempting.

bagaela said...

I wonder why my first tought was my silk dust finishing powder from everydayminerals...crazy. :)
Silk pillow as an anti-aging thing is an urban legend, and anyway...I like to sleep in silk all over! :)

have a lovely day! ;)

Times of Glory said...

Hello dear, sorry about the belated reply, I've been a bit too busy to keep up blogging.Of course we can trade links, I've added you into my blogroll :)

I have no idea there is such a hairdryer! I have to check that out! I love those pillow cases, well I have a feeling that my face cream may ruin the white silk within 1 week... heheeeeeee

Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn,
I am looking for a really good toning facial mist as a fresh-up spray to use sometimes in the daytime as a quick re-fresher.
I am interested in the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Face Mist. Have you ever used it?

Which spray facial toning mists do you reccomend?

Vanessa said...

Hi Grayburn! How are ya doll? I am doing ok, just been so tired and busy, but I am not complaining, lol.

How is everything with you? Is it hot over there?

Grayburn said...

Hey Kyle!
Wow haven't heard from you for a while, how are you my dear? I see you have ended your quest for a self-tanner :) I love the sprays from Dermalogica; any one of them do me well!

Hi Vanessa...I'm doing pretty damn well! You need some time off to do nothing for a few days girlie...perhaps a nice spa retreat? The weather is terrible here..we have been getting thunder storms and loads of rain. Not a particularly good summer I'm afraid :( Take care luv & look forward to your posts!


xoxo Jaimie said...

I like the silk pillowcases. I currently have some satin ones, and they work great. I wonder how much different the silk ones are.

Izar said...

Hmm, like Bagaela, my thoughts immediately went to EM's Slik Dust, although the jarful I got skinks something awful...

I use Pure Luxe's Silk Dust instead (no unpleasant smell) when I need it, but I've been trying to get my face to calm down and haven't really been using anything but my moisturizer and my Bioderma sunscreen. (No or minimal makeup.)

I used to paint silk: I made shawls and head-scarfs with pattens and motives designed by me. Loved it; maybe I should take it up again sometime. :-)

Silk probably works great when infused in creams and lotions, but I'm sceptical about the pillowcase actually being able to prevent aging. Maybe by giving us a good night's rest every night (it feels luxurious, after all), it can smooth out our otherwise stressed out face.

About the blowdrier: now for me, that's really complicating things... I think we should all invest into a conditioner enriched with silk instead.

Good post, by the way: it made me crave something with silk in it with which to pamper my face. :-)

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...


I sleep on Silkskin's pillowcase and it's beaufiful. My skin and hair look so much better. Did you know that it's made for the beauty and hair industry? wont be without mine it does work!!

Anonymous said...

I too sleep on a silk pillowcase it is made from charmeuse silk which is supposed to be the best for your skin and hair and it was only £22 from www.silkgifts.co.uk