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Grooming For Sickies

Woah! I have really been caught in a whirlwind of activities this past week (I was at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week & played bridesmaid at a wedding) and my house currently looks as if the Tasmanian devil had run through it! But the week was so much fun, even if I was sick the whole time.

Being that I had to attend those events meant that I had to look presentable. The key to grooming or beauti-fy-ing ourselves when we are sick is to use products that counteract common "sickie" issues such as flaky or sallow skin, as well as products that deliver results quickly. Forget about spending forever in front of the mirror!

Here are a few tips & products that helped to get me through the week:

A Hair Dryer With Extras

One that helps to dry hair quickly and gently is a god-send for a sickie. T3 hair dryers are actually infused with tourmaline which emit effective negative ions. For me, that translated to smoother and quicker results, which meant I was able to sleep in a little longer in the morning. Since I have the overnight travel version, it goes with me when I travel.


My week's blush of choice is from Tarte. My shade is called "tipsy" and it is a solid cheek stain. I love it because it doubles as a blusher and a lip stain in one go!

Worn over foundation (pat on with a synthetic foundation brush), then set with a dusting of powder, this stuff lasts and looks naturally glowy. This went on the road well with me at Fashion week and it smells like divine bellinis! (I hear that Selma Hayek likes them as well).

Got mine at: Sephora Toronto

Creamy Coverage

A common problem when one is sick is flaky and/or sensitized skin. I could not be bothered with exfoliating my face as it takes too much effort, as well as it would have hurt too much on my sniffly nose.

A creamy foundation answers my call in this case and produces dewy skin that powdery makeup cannot. Because they are usually thicker in consistency, they conceal redness well; without emphasizing flakes. This one from Shiseido went with me to the catwalk shows.

Got mine at: DA Amsterdam

Easy Does It

A quick way to groomed eyebrows is by using a tinted eyebrow gel. Since they are usually quite sheer, application without a mirror is possible and easy. The one I have from Miss Helen kept my brows in place all day and lent just enough definition to my face; perfect for summer!

Got mine at: Hema Amsterdam

Extra tip:

Try to stay away from grays or fleshy pinks as these colors bring out the redness in our eyes we may have when feeling ill; making us look even more tired.

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xoxo Jaimie said...

im always tempted by the cheek gels! I want it even more now.1

Kyle said...

Hey Grayburn!
Sorry I haven't messaged you on your blog lately! I have been very busy this summmer.
I had a question about clarifying shampoos and was wondering if you could help...
I'm looking for a once-a-week clarifying shampoo that isn't very expensive and removes dulling build-up well, any suggestions?

shopinchic said...

Hope you are feeling

Make Do and Mend said...

Hi - sorry it has taken an age for me to get back to you. Been very busy. Love lots of your tips and I've linked you now!

Grayburn said...

Hey Kyle, a simple solution is by mixing a little baking soda into your shampoo. If you don't like that idea, try Neutrogena's shampoo which clarifies well also.

good luck!

The Seeker said...

Hope you're feeling better dear.
(I'm worried with you)

Great tips, thanks for sharing with us.


chi flat iron said...
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