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Pupa Cosmetics - Cute As A Button!

I came across these when I was visiting St. Petersburg in Russia. These are absolutely adorable! Raise your hand if you are easily sucked in by pretty packaging... I have my hands and feet in the air! Inspired by the Matryoshka dolls from Russia, Pupa designed a series of makeup and perfume that are as cute as a button.

The design of the little compartments and detachables in the 2 palettes are extremely playful. Playing with them brought me back to my childhood when I loved to play 'house' with my portable fold-out miniature house, with little plastic furniture and tea sets.

The color choices in these palettes can be categorized as "teenage". They are filled with chalky pinks & blues, and sparkly glosses for the lips. I wished they were not priced at 45 euros (apprx.) each, and, the colors be a little more adult-friendly!

Photos: pupa.it

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Times of Glory said...

They are truly adorable! Well, they know their target! I'm so in now and need to check them out xx

Lily said...

aww those are so cute!!! i think it'd be a little freaky to have 15 of them though all standing in a line... haha

The Seeker said...

Oh, they really are soooooooo cute.

Have a great weekend dear :)


Leigh said...

So cute !

shopinchic said...

Talk about innovative packaging for makeup! I only wish they had
something as cute as that here in
the U.S.A!

Adamgv said...

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