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Palette Of All Palettes

I have to keep this one short even if I would like to share in length of why I adore this color powder palette. I know it isn't contained in any fancy packaging and perhaps the colors look rather bleh from here. But trust me when I say that this palette has ended my search for the most complete and perfect palette of neutral powder colors. This is the palette of all neutral palettes.

Complete and perfect how?

Finely sifted colored powders are pressed into each one of these rectangles the size of about 2 index fingernails within the palette. Count them 12 neutral colors that take any eye from undetectably contoured to dramatically smokey. The colors are not only limited for use on the eyes as several shades would look great on cheeks, as contouring, or all over the face. Texture is creamy (not hard) and colors are never chalky. The powders' matte finish is also what makes the palette so versatile.

I've seen this palette retail in Amsterdam at Backstage (apprx. 47 euros) and in the Viseart Paris store (apprx. 68 euros). It is also seen on several online stores.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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