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Aloha And Sun Protection

Aloha! I am loving Hawaii and even more now that jet lag seems like a distant memory. It is sunny here and when it rains, it only seems to last for 10 minutes. And oh boy is sunscreen a necessity but makeup no longer one.

I have 4 different bottles of sunscreen on hand and when used appropriately, they seem to be keeping me well protected. For example, my tiny liquidy bottle of La Roche Posay Spf 30 is managing to withstand 12-o'clock sunshine and sweat without that greesy feeling. Unfortunately, it somehow messes with my mineral foundation. The Sofina Lucent Spf 50+ is a liiiiight protector which doubles as an Excellent liquid or powder foundation primer. The thing about these two sunscreens is that you must remove them completely or they could lead to clogged pores. I discovered the Banana Boat sunscreens here in Hawaii and have fallen in love with their Ultra Defense line. This stuff applies very light and is absorbed by the skin in no time. And for sun protection touch-ups on the go, I love those mists from Neutrogena's Fresh Cooling line.

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), picture of the beautiful Waikiki Beach from waikikibeachoutreach.com

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