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Prime Time For Eyes

Even with knowledge and experience, sometimes we go against our best judgment. As soon as I enter into a drugstore or massive stores such as Target or Walmart, my critical thinking waits outside of the store until I'm done shopping.

Every time I go to Target, I get overwhelmed. Here in Europe making a choice for things like cereal or a drugstore foundation is simple because selection is limited compared to North America. Our stores are alot smaller in size and our isles don't go on for ages.

As much as I enjoy my shopping experience at stores such as those, I do make bad judgment calls when I feel overwhelmed. Let me bring your attention to L'oreal's HIP cream shadow paints.

I'll start by saying that I am a devoted fan of MAC's paint pots. I love their creamy textures (though they take a little practice to get the hang of) and their ability to prolong eyeshadow wear. I do not even think of putting on eyeshadow without a base of some kind because I know that without it only leads to disappointment later. The L'oreal paints score an average of 70% for 'Buy Again' on MUA. Not bad I think for a drugstore brand thus worth a try. These paints even come with their own little travel-size round crease flat brushes of fair quality and are contained in their own chic plastic boxes. The L'oreal range offers a good selection of neutral colors also; ranging from a shimmery beige (picture right) to a charcoal grey (picture left). So far so good.

But the rest leaves little to be desired. First off, they come in metal tubes which I find myself too clumsy for. Getting the right amount out each time is a trying task. The liquid that comes out of the tube's spout is not nearly as creamy as MAC paint pots. I think because of its liquidy-cream texture, the 'cream' starts off with a workable texture at the beginning but then dries unevenly as one attempts to blend it into the skin some more. After having tried different application methods including dabbing, rubbing, gliding, striping, dotting, smudging with fingers and different sized brushes, I gave up. I don't think I can bother with it again as an eyeshadow primer. However, my last resort...I think these could make fair cream liners if used with the Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush. I'll keep you posted!

L'oreal HIP cream shadow paint in Steely (above left)- a shimmery cool tone dark grey that borders on black.

L'oreal HIP cream shadow paint in Secretive (above right) - a shimmery cool tone beige that becomes slightly silver.

Website: L'oreal HIP cream shadow paints
Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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Cris said...

'Limited selection' is an understatement, I can't even find pale foundation here in Greece unless it's by an expensive brand >:-).
Not to mention that every US brand is grossly overpriced :-P.
Which is why I swap ;D.