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Summer '09 Chanel Glossimers

I love how Chanel make the impossible look impossibly chic! They are launching new Glossimers (which are possibly the best lipgloss around) and I want whichever one(s) were used for achieving the lips above. My guess from their product description is that the above look was achieved by using a combination of Nebula (rosewood) and Mica (white). Can't wait to see them at the counters!

Glossimers ($27.00)

  • Nebula Rosewood
  • Meteore Deep coral
  • Mica White
  • Mirage Brown
  • Venus Fuchsia
  • Silex Coral
  • Cosmos Bronze
  • Jupiter Red

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), temptalia.com

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Cris said...

Oh please...I already want EVERYTHING from this - and now they have to release even more wonderful stuff that I won't be able to afford :-P?
Lol - I'm definitely getting the stuff I linked to ;). I have no Chanel make-up yet and this will be a brilliant start ;D :).

La Belette Rouge said...

Would you come over to my blog and see my photo from today and be so kind as to tell me which Glossimer you recommend? I don't trust the gals at my Chanel counter. But, I so trust you!!!:-)

The Seeker said...

G*, how are you my darling, how classes have been?

I'm back home, not vey well, but...

Take care gorgeous



Grayburn said...

Hi LBR! It's so cool to see a pic of you/your hair! You're making me feel it would be safe for me to partially come out too! I love the hair color on you and what is that polish you're wearing?

Glossimers have such polished textures. If you can find it, the Praline glossimer would be gorgeous on you I think. For sheer color and sparkle (night time), I think Myriade or Wild Rose are great. A great nuddy one is Sarong. I can't see from your pictures if you have pigmented lips or not but all these colors are universal and finishes the lips well. Which ones did the SA recommend for you? Maybe that would give me an idea as well.

Hope this helps sweetie and let me know which glossimers you pick up ok?

xo Grayburn

Grayburn said...

Hi Cris, that union jack compact looks so special. Gotta love LE items! If you get a chance also, you must get some glossimers...a wonderful classic from Chanel.


Grayburn said...

Seeker, hey you glad to have you back! Why not so good?

let's talk,

shopinchic said...

I'm going to have to try the color Silex(coral). Right now I'm crazy
for coral~