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The Sweetest

The sweetest item to sit in my purse lately is an Oilily lip balm. Granted it isn't the only lipcare product in my purse but it is the one that gets the ooohs and ahhhs whenever it makes an appearance out of the purse. It is all because of its waxed paper encasing printed with the designs from their "Flowers" collection.

The strawberry scented balm feels good on the lips too and doesn't get mucky or dry out around the edges of my lips after hours of wearing like some balms can get. The texture is smooth and since the balm is colorless, it makes a great base/primer for whatever lipstick to come!

...and incase you were wondering, this is not a fake. This tube came from one of the gift bags I got at the Oilily show when I attended the AIFW in January.

Website: oilily-world.com
Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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fashion herald said...

love it! i always have dry lips, and am thus constantly looking for good lip balm.