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Love Its Glide

Something I discovered on my last trip to Paris and is arguably my Top Find there (previous post here). Not only is the store a wonderful treasure trove as I mentioned in the post, Paris berlin's own makeup line is well formulated and of professional grade (also obvious by all the pro makeup artists I saw shopping there).

I had to grab myself their Le Teint Hightech as soon as I felt its consistency. To me, this foundation has a unique texture. It is a liquidized cream given great slip that glide over the complexion. With such consistency, one would assume heavy coverage. Nope, not really. To the human eye, the coverage looks naturally flawless and provides medium coverage. On camera, the coverage is extremely skin-like and does not set off unattractive reflective glare.

Did I mention the glide? The glide is incredible.

This is how the company describes the foundation:

"light liquid foundation is an oil free light and moisturising liquid foundation extremely confortable with a greeat sliding power.
Long Lasting, Its long lasting formula daily controls the excess of oil. High fidelity and stability of the colors.
Natual Mat Finish, no powder needed . Absolutely mat.
Effet Soft Focus, The microspheres with soft focus effect diminishes optically the small skin imperfections
UV Filters SPF 12
Antifree Radicals vitamine E

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use) parisberlin.com
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rmcandlelight said...

Wow! Have to check it out.

fashion herald said...

you got me at glide. and "no powder needed." - for real?!

Grayburn said...

fashion herald...it's funny cause it goes on creamy and stays where you applied and then finishes with great slip. I did powder for the camera because I was looking for a powdery look for the shoot. Honestly, this stuff lasts and is skin-like.

x Grayburn