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Retro Lush & Breakups

Lush and I had a fallout a while back but it was mainly my fault. I gave it too much attention and I was at the point of down right infat- uation and obsession. Not healthy at all!

If you have followed Lush's products over time, you know that they have stopped producing some of their gush-worthy items and others that were rumored to have existed but very few of us ever got to experience (you can see some of them here). The Retro Lush items were my drug but more specifically, the drug went by the name of Aqua Mirablis Underwater (the Retro version, pictured above).

My first dab into Lush was a refrigerated tub of their fresh Cupcake facial mask which instantly had my senses tingling with glee and skin bouncing with vitality. And then I met the aforementioned drug which we'll now just call AMU. AMU was a little bar of powdered solid body butter topped with marigold petals. It really was what soft smooth skin's made of. With sandalwood oil, rose absolute and gardenia extract, it was a scent made for dreary days.

I used to have a bathing ritual using AMU. First, I filled my bathtub with warm water. Then I rubbed AMU all over wet skin, as the ground almond shells exfoliated away all unflattering flakes. AMU had a spell over me and made the usually unglamorous job of exfoliation feel luxurious. Final step - I would sit in the warm water until the water started to cool. Heaven I tell you! The combination of exfoliation, heat, water and cocoa butter transformed my skin every time.

When I heard rumors that they were discontinuing production of AMU in that format, I became an addict that feared not having her substance. I began to hoard and bought all displayed bars of AMU at one time, and, even sent friends overseas to collect more for me. I was so frightened of what a disappointment the new Aqua Mirablis was going to be.

As you all know that Lush' products are natural based, they have only a certain amount of shelf-life. Well, my bars of AMU began to turn rancid (after about a year though). It got to the point that I actually had to unwillingly dispose of them. What a horror that was! After that point I never wanted to step into Lush again in fear of experiencing heart-break like that again.

It has been 3 years since then and I finally stepped into a Lush store the other day with BFOG by my side. As I stood inside the store, it all felt somehow familiar but different. I walked by the the hall of the soaps and when I reached the body butters where the new AMU now sits (it used to be in the bath melt section), I only 'eyed' the new AMU (pictured above).

BFOG and I walked out of the store with a bag of goodies and big grins on our faces. With my renewed happy and healthier attitude with Lush, I am happy to say that I will be sharing my thoughts on a few of their products with you shortly.

Any Lush fans out there? Want to share your thoughts on your Lush favs or boos? Please do!
Oh and Happy Halloween!

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), lush.com

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La Belette Rouge said...

I have never tried a Lush product. I have heard great things about their bath bombs. I have always wanted to try them.

The Seeker said...

Hmmm.. never heard about Lush products...
Great post dear aand hope you had a very happy halloween, with lots of fun.


Make Do Style said...

I've don't know why I've never tried them i think it was the name Lush that put me off!

The Seeker said...

I gave you an award, please check my blog.


margot hollaender said...

i tried the "cupcake" face mask
its gorgeous!! and it smells soo like chocolate, its hard to resist eating it..

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

aww sorry to hear about what happened with the AMU bars! I would be heartbroken myself! I've never tried Lush but I've always been curious about trying it. Its mostly the price that keeps me away from it but maybe you'll change my mind :)

The Seeker said...

I gave you more two awards, please check my blog.

Grayburn said...

margot hollaender...just like chocolate cake batter! BFOG (boyfriend of Grayburn!) said when we came out of the Lush store that he felt hungry! It's wonderful to put food stuff on the skin isn't it? :)

x Grayburn