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Parlez-Vous Long Nails?

I can barely type right now. I was asked to model in a photo shoot yesterday and they had me all done up from my fingertips to my head. It was absolutely fun and glamorous. However, I am now sporting the longest nails I have ever had. Typing this post, letter by letter, is limiting and testing my patience.

All the fancy work achieved on these nails was done with OPI's lacquer and most of them came from their new LA COLLECTION DE FRANCE FALL/WINTER 2008. The first picture features the polish called "Bastille My Heart" and the second "Parlez-Vous OPI?" and "Louvre Me Louvre Me Not".

So what I am wondering is if you have got any tips for me on how to deal with really long finger nails? Doing simple daily tasks (e.g. picking up my tweezers) has got me baffled and BFOG screams every time I accidentally injure him with them. Although, I have noticed that they make excellent itch scratchers and act as a big tooth comb for combing conditioner through hair!

I admire the intricate work performed and the time spent on them but I am starting to lose it. If all goes well, they can stay on for as long as 2 weeks. Will I be able to bear it? Or should I just go ahead and have them removed? Do you like them?

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rmcandlelight said...

I used to wear long acylic nails and I loved them at the time but I was always aware of how I pick up things. I would say enjoy them for the 2 weeks.

rocketqueen said...

Omg! That is absolutely gorgeous! So cool! I don't have any tips for you though as I haven't yet mastered the long-nail-everyday-life technique. (Not sure I ever will, to be frank.) I can't bear it!

Le Midget said...

They look hot but I wouldn't be able to keep them on for more than 3 days. I'm sure. Putting contacts in and out and I'm always working on the computer. It would drive me craazy.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

wow I absolutely love your nails! I wish I could get them done like that. But I know what you mean, I would be completely helpless with nails of that length. Wouldn't be able to do anything besides sit around haha :P
You've got me lemming that Louvre me Louvre me not shade now, and the Bastille colour too :) Do you know what colour is that gold polish in the first photo?

fashion herald said...

i have absolutely no idea, never had long nails! But I've been dreaming of doing something like this - esp. since those reverse french manicure dior ads, remember? I want to get ghetto nails. so you have different designs on each hand? so jealous.

The Seeker said...

Hi dear, so how're things, ok?

I think the long nails are beautiful, but less pratical. I also couldn't have them because I spend much time at the computer and to type is a bit complicated, so my contat lenses don't like long nails.
But I would say you keep them for the time they are ment to be and when it's time to change you decid if you're happy or you want to cut them a bit.

I hope you'll have a great and nice weekend dear.


sea life said...

Hi Grayburn,
since long time I was not here:(
The nails are mega cool, I managed to wear them for 2 months, but when I took it out, I was very dissipointed about how damaged got my natural nails, so for the moment I enjoy to be natural, even I love to see the acrylic nails, but weared by somebody else:)

Make Do and Mend said...

I think you just get used to them! not helpful I know but in a days time you'll be over the clumsy stage.

Beauty Tyrant said...

Hey Grayburn

The nails look nice but I don't like them on my nails. I prefer 'em natural. My nails are about your length too and I'm really used to that length. I can type even play the piano with it sometimes :) Just gotta get used to them. In fact I'll feel weird if I have shorter nails

_+*A Elite in Paris*+_ said...

It saddens me so much that I don't have long beautiful nails :(

Beijo meu ♥,

A Elite

Grayburn said...

rmcandlelight...I shamefully say now that I had them shortened and am thinking of changing the color! It took away my favorite thing to do which is to type, write, blog...

sealife said...

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Grayburn said...

sealife...with most of the acne systems whether from neutrogena or proactiv, they are quite harsh and can be drying. If you want to try it, it would be better to go slow and let your skin adjust because it can be hard to cover up red, sensitized and flaky skin. If you have access to a dermatologist, ask for their advice and see if they would prescribe retin-A or many other options available out there (e.g. topical hormones).

x Grayburn

sea life said...

I trully appreciate your advice.Thanks a lot:)